About TechMaine

Since 1992, TechMaine has had a transformative history. Founded as the Maine Software Developers Association (MESDA) it has grown to serve as a leading resource for Maine technology-reliant companies. TechMaine transformed from a 20th century membership dues-based association organization to an open community. You’re in the community by simply establishing a user profile on the TechMaine website. That’s it…if you like what we’re doing and want to get involved…you’re in!

There are no dues, no restricted memberships, no memberships at all, no walls, and no agendas…though the focus will stay exclusively on Maine. TechMaine has been and will continue to be an advocate for a supportive ecosystem for Maine's technology professionals and innovative businesses.

TechMaine will catalyze community building. The Website facilitates a grassroots exchange of information available whenever and wherever people want to connect. This resource for Maine’s tech community, powered by social networking, creates an outlet for all those self-organized in the tech sector (professional organizations, users groups, meetups) to become more effective through additional exposure to audiences they don’t currently reach. TechMaine will provide an expanding selection of tools to better interact and communicate with existing and new constituents.

TechMaine will NOT sell, rent, or otherwise distribute email address and contact detail lists. Your contact data was safe before…and remains safe today.

Joe Kumiszcza first joined TechMaine in 1997 as Executive Director. He has been a tireless advocate for the industry, initiated significant events and programs and has led the organization through its strategic changes. Acknowledged for skills in organic growth, leadership and management, Joe’s driven by creative thinking and innovative ways to create enduring dynamic results. A proud Maine native, he uses his business development, networking, and communication skills to create opportunities, events, programs, and brands to benefit Maine businesses.