Quality of Life

Maine Quality of Life

Business location decisions are being increasingly influenced by the quality of life workers can expect to experience in a community. The phrase "quality of life" is heard often in Maine as the reason for business location to the state. Maine is considered one of the most healthful states in the nation. Maine benefits from a four-season climate with a healthy, invigorating environment. Each season is enjoyed for its own unique splendor and recreational activities.

Maine's quality of life is tied closely to the land. Recreation and serenity can be found from its legendary rocky coastline, to the magnificent mountains, splendid forests, and the crystal clear lakes. Maine is a large state with 3,500 miles of coastline and a total area that could contain all of the other five New England States combined. Businesses, employees and their families enjoy a lifestyle of low crime, few instances of traffic congestion, and access to a wealth of year round cultural, recreational and sporting activities.

Maine's quality of life ranked best in nation

The coastal areas of southern Maine are often regarded as the most attractive housing areas with a beautiful, healthy environment, low crime and excellent schools.

The state offers exceptional healthcare, boasting a multitude of acute care and specialty hospitals. Maine Medical Center (MMC) in Portland serves as the premier tertiary care center in northern New England. The center provides comprehensive inpatient services in all medical specialties. It is also recognized for the Diabetes Center, the AIDS Consultation Service, the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital, and the Center for Lipids and Cardiovascular Health.

Maine leads the country in high school graduation rates, and ranks in the top 10% of states for quality of education. All seventh and eighth graders are issued with a laptop computer, the only program of its kind in the world. Maine was the first state to provide 100% of schools and libraries with internet access.

The state is also one of the greatest natural playgrounds in the world with thousands of miles of spectacular coastline, majestic mountain ranges and crystal-clear lakes and rivers. It is home to 18 ski resorts, 32 state parks and Acadia National Park.

There are more historical forts than in any other US state. Many historic homes are preserved as museums, among them those of poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and philanthropist Lucy Farnsworth.

With symphony orchestras, opera companies and a plethora of theatre companies, Maine offers an exquisite menu of performing arts and cultural entertainment. The state’s specialty of lobster and fresh seafood is abundant in its many fine dining establishments and casual restaurants.

Shopping outlets in Kittery and Freeport combined with the boutiques and specialty stores of Bangor and Portland’s Old Port, also home to lively nightlife and traditional pubs, have created a growing interest in Maine as an international shopping destination."

As the closest state to Europe and with New Brunswick and Quebec to the north, Nova Scotia to the east and Boston and New York City to the south, Maine is ideally positioned for foreign businesses entering the North American market. Complementing Maine's geographic advantages are its transportation and communications infrastructure, reasonable wages, quality of life and highly regarded education system.

Living and working in Maine

Businesses also benefit from Maine's extraordinary quality of life. Employers doing business in Maine profit from a strong work ethic, low absenteeism and turnover rates, and high employee productivity rates.

Maine's 5 Largest Communities

Greater Portland

This community is home to two of Maine's largest cities; Portland and South Portland. The area's diverse population of more than 200,000 is growing faster than any other region in the state and is home to most of the state's technology workforce. Because of Portland’s strong economy, scenic coastal setting and thriving food scene, the city frequently lands on national “best city” lists. With an internationaly-focused working port, rail yard, the state's largest airport, and its busiest mall, Greater Portland is the commercial, industrial, and retail center for Northern New England.


The "Twin Cities" of Lewiston and Auburn are slightly north-west of Portland and have a combined population of 60,000. They are situated inland along Maine's Androscoggin River. Once home to New England's largest textile mills, the community has reinvented itself and has seen steady economic growth. L/A is home to the elaborate Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul and Colby College (one of America's top 50 private colleges).

Biddeford & Saco

The "Twin Cities" of Biddeford and Saco are south-west of Portland and feature some of New England's best beaches. The University of New England has been a lure for younger, more highly educated residents. The population of 40,000 swells in the summer with a steady flow of tourists ready to frolic in the Atlantic and visit the old mills which have been converted to retail, food, and art spaces.


Bangor sits on the Penobscot River and, with 30,000 residents, is a bit smaller than the Biddeford/Saco area. Lumber and paper mills in this Central Maine community once drove the local economy. The University of Maine in nearby Orono now gives Bangor a college town feel. Bangor's water-front redevelopment has served as a magnet to visitors for the numerous activities, concerts, and the state's largest casino and civic- center.


Augusta is Maine’s capital. As expected, the State of Maine is the city’s largest employer, with technology, health, and utility companies also employing many of Augusta’s 20,000 residents. The city sits along the Kennebec River, halfway between Portland and Bangor, and is a home to a number of historic sites and museums.

The state's highly educated and skilled work force will continue to attract companies demanding knowledge-intensive workers. High-tech companies are a vital catalyst for economic prosperity. Our area's technology companies can be thanked for creating economic growth and vitality and for making Maine a more attractive place to do business. Maine offers a wide range of resources and incentives for new businesses considering a Maine location and for existing Maine businesses planning to expand. The more you know about doing business in Maine, the better the state looks.