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Continuous Learning is Mandatory

TechMaine will highlight and promote unique learning systems that will benefit Maine technology professionals and entrepreneurs. TechMaine's efforts will help Maine's TechForce succeed in a competitive environment.

Education of the workforce is fundamental if Maine is going to participate in the global innovation economy. Skilled information technology and knowledge workers are the necessary ingredient for the future of Maine's economy. Today’s technology worker’s success demands continuous learning; an ongoing educational commitment to maintain knowledge, skills and career opportunities. Education does not end with a college degree; but continues with seminars, conferences, e-learning, and advanced training. The technologies change very fast and new ideas and applications are developed every day.

The rapidly changing landscape demands a solid education as a base and dedication to the principle of life-long learning. Technology professionals now reach across all areas within an organization and must sharpen their "soft skills" involving communication, management, teamwork and becoming familiar with other cultures. Business skills are now crucial as technology managers, engineers and developers have become more business-centric.