Maine Center for Creativity (MCC)

477 Congress Street, 5th Floor
Portland , ME 04101
Phone: 207-730-0694

The Maine Center for Creativity (MCC) is about imagining how life in Maine is enriched by creativity and innovation.  We work to foster collaborations that link creativity and innovation with business – with the goal of a more prosperous, creative Maine.

Founded in 2005, the Maine Center for Creativity is a non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation led by a volunteer Board of Directors. Our mission is to create projects and programs that promote the arts and stimulate the growth of Maine’s creative professionals and industries. We do this by:

  • Spotlighting the innovation and creativity that abounds in Maine
  • Creating programs and networking events that support creative professionals
  • Creating high-visibility projects that capture the imagination and  foster the art of the possible
  • Stimulating innovative enterprise through regional, national and international connections, collaborations and educational initiatives

Our Art All Around™ international competition is but one example of our charter.  It’s a grand illustration of it – one that’s generated 80 million media impressions around the world and a million visits to our website.  It highlights Maine’s creativity, captures the imagination, and is a graphic example of the power of local/global arts-and-industry collaboration.  It’s only one of many projects and programs that we’ve imagined – and are now engaged in.

It’s global in vision – but with local impact.  Be a part of it.