MTUG Webinar #6: GSuite in the School Community

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Wednesday, February 28
11:00am to 12:00pm
Online at ME
MTUG Webinar #6: GSuite in the School Community

Alice Barr of Yarmouth High School, and Eric Lawson of the York School Department, technology leaders in the area of Google deployments in education, will share their experiences and discoveries in using Google's GSuite product in their districts and beyond.

Speaker information:
  • Alice Barr, Instructional Technology Integrator, Yarmouth High School, will present "GSuite for the School Community" where she will present an overview of how the Suite of Google tools promote communication, collaboration, and innovation in school settings. 
  • Eric Lawson, Director of Technology & Libraries, York School Department, will deliver his presentation, "Going Google" and give an overview of York's journey in migrating from a legacy email system and Microsoft Office to a full blown GSuite for Education platform.