The Agile PMO: Leading the Effective, Value Driven, Project Management Office

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Thursday, September 17
Abromson Center
88 Bedford Street University of Southern Maine
Portland , ME 04102
User Group Meeting
The Agile PMO: Leading the Effective, Value Driven, Project Management Office

Conclusive research findings inform us that many PMOs are disbanded in two years. Yet; we repeat the same mistakes in our PMO implementations – wasting money, resources and time. In this practical, interactive discussion the focus will be on the value driven PMO as an integrator, enabler, differentiator, and change agent in business, development and the organization in general.

Michael Nill will address the essential model for PMO value enablement:

  1. The two key concept of the Agile PMO – a PMO that is inherently agile, adaptive and value driven and a PMO that interfaces between Agile product delivery and the traditional Waterfall organization
  2. How to ensure effective streamlined delivery by abolishing waste
  3. How to effectively select and prioritize opportunities
  4. How to manage resource allocation from a top down approach in an effective manner by targeting critical resources
Speaker information:

Michael Nir - President of Sapir Consulting has been providing operational, organizational and management consulting and training for over 15 years. He is passionate about Gestalt theory and practice, which complements his engineering background and contributes to his understanding of individual and team dynamics in business. Michael authored 8 Bestsellers in the fields of Influencing, Agile, Teams, Leadership and others. Michael's experience includes significant expertise in the telecoms, hi-tech, software development, R&D environments and petrochemical & infrastructure industries. He develops creative and innovative solutions in project and product management, process improvement, leadership, and team building programs. Michael's professional background is analytical and technical; however, he has a keen interest in human interactions and behaviors. He holds two engineering degrees from the prestigious Technion Institute of Technology: a Bachelor of civil engineering and Masters of Industrial engineering. He has balanced his technical side with the extensive study and practice of Gestalt Therapy and "Instrumental Enrichment," a philosophy of mediated learning. In his consulting and training engagements, Michael combines both the analytical and technical world with his focus on people, delivering unique and meaningful solutions, and addressing whole systems.