How to Make iPhone Apps

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This is the three-day (at your own pace) course taught to businesses who want to teach their programmers how to do iPhone programming. This course retails for $3,000 for the live on site training. You will save time and you'll learn quickly with this course! Shawn’s class will take you through the steps to create your first iOS app from start to finish with a “see and do” method.

You see what he does, and you do the same. Simple. Learn professional iPad and iPhone Programming!

Here’s an overview of this 3-day (at your own pace), class:

  • Pre-Class (before class)
  • Xcode: Editor tools and tips
  • Introduction to Objective-C: Selectors and Memory
  • Introduction to Objective C: Classes
  • Introduction to Objective C: Foundation
  • Memory Management
  • Application and View Life Cycle
  • Tables
  • Navigation
  • Gestures
  • Core Data
  • Human Interface Guidelines and Device Setup
  • Registering as an Apple Developer
  • Run App on Device
  • Individual App Project: Start to Finish
  • Submitting App to Apple


  • This course requires an Apple Macintosh computer that has OSX Lion installed.
  • You’ll need to install the Xcode software.  We have a free tutorial on how to do this.
  • Don’t have a mac?  Don’t want to buy one yet?
  • You can rent a mac here (~$20/month): 

Who is this course for?

  • You should be familiar with programming and Object-Oriented Programming. 
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Course Hours: 11.5
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