How to Launch a Profitable Product: From Idea to Revenue

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How do you know your new product will be successful? How do you know customers will actually buy it? If you are introducing a new software product or launching a startup, this course is for you. In three hours, you'll learn a process for creating and testing a profitable business model for your product. You'll learn how to make a product launch plan and get in front of potential customers to validate your product and pricing BEFORE you build it. You'll learn how successful companies have created innovative models that maximize revenue.


You’ll learn the answers to these questions and more:

●  What is the ideal business model for my product?

●  What are the different ways to monetize my product?

●  How do I choose the best price?

●  How do I know I’m not leaving money on the table?

●  How do I test different pricing models on a budget?

●  Should I use a freemium model?

●  Should I charge for support?

●  Is a lower price better than a higher price?


You’ll get practical, real world advice including:

●  Successful business model examples for products

●  How to define and pivot your business and revenue model

●  Innovative revenue models for software and other products

●  Pricing mistakes and how to avoid them

●  How to use pricing strategies in marketing

●  How to test pricing with customers

●  Test selling business-to-business (B2B) products

●  Interviewing techniques that get the truth out of prospects

●  Why customer lifetime value (LTV) is so critical

●  Competitive benchmarking

●  Discounting and other techniques

●  Worksheets and other documents included!

The right business model and pricing strategy makes the difference between a lackluster product with mediocre results and a product that is exciting, profitable, successful.

This course is taught by a product development expert who has helped define, price, and launch award-winning products now generating over $400 million in annual revenue.

Startup expert Jim Semick from Product Discovery, Inc. shows you how to discover and launch the best business model for your product including setting a price that supports a profitable business.

You’ll get are real-world, first-person examples of how business models are created and how products are priced.

What is the cost of failure or mediocre results? Take this course now and start learning today how to get your product on the right track!

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Course Hours: 2.5