Git Basics: In Theory and Practice

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Have you heard of Git? Have you been wondering what all the buzz is about? Have you heard about all the open source software projects moving to Github? Have you been thinking that it's time to give Git a try yourself? We think it is too, and we think this course will help. This course is a different approach to learning Git than, say, reading online documentation or buying a book on Git because you'll see not only how Git works, but how you should work with Git. We'll show you the situations that you probably find yourself in as a developer all the time and how Git can help you work faster, work with more confidence, and save yourself and your teammates time by supporting a good workflow. We'll show you how Git works in practice, and also how to practice Git.

Content and Goals

  • Over 31 lectures and 7.5 hours of content!
  • The normal Git workflow
  • How to collaborate with your team members using Git
  • Productivity tips
  • Also, how to save your bacon with Git!
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Course Hours: 7.5
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