Get Momentum: Start A Business You Love

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Starting a business seems like a great idea....
But it can soon become overwhelming. So many requirements, regulations. And that's even without assessing whether we have a marketable idea and whether it will create the kind of success we really want.
From idea to implementation
This course is designed to cut through all of that and to take you on a thirty day journey from inspiration to income. I want to take your desire and your passion and show you how to turn it into practical actions that allow you to come up with profitable business ideas and your passion and to create income before the month is over.


Accessible training in bite sized chunks

Day by day, step-by step, this course will strip away much of the overwhelm you may feel as a new entrepreneur. It will take you on a journey from coming up with profitable business ideas,  discovering where your talents lie, to testing and packaging what you are going to sell, and to show you how to actually make money now.

You need to check out your idea against these three criteria

There are so many books and courses for new businesses and coming up with profitable business ideas. Books that tell you about business plans and accounts. But before you start to pull together these processes, you need to know that you have:

1  Profitable business ideas fit for you

2  a business that is a fit for the life income you want to create

3  something that people want to buy!

Shortcut your success

I work with clients who sometimes find years later that their business might be successful financially but they want to get out and so something they love. Or they have a great idea but they just can't make money with it. Or they have a business that runs their life, rather than a business that gives them the life they want. I don't want this for you.

I created this course so that you could shortcut this journey. Yes you will need the right legal and financial framework. But you must also build your business on a foundation that will give you the fulfillment, the life and the income you want.

Check you are on the right track right from the start

This course shows you how to understand and rigorously test your profitable business ideas so that you know you are on the right track before you start (or to help you get re-oriented when you've hit a roadblock!).

This is for you if...

This course is for you if you want to start a business doing what you love. If you want to feel fulfilled by what you do. And you want to create a lifestyle that works for you.

This course is for you if you've already started a business but you're feeling as if you didn't take the right path. Or if you know that you've found your passion but you're struggling to turn it into income. Or if you simply want to know how to do the things that will move you forward day by day.

Because it's the staying in action that gets results for you.

Get Momentum: Start A Business You Love combines motivation with real, practical, actionable strategies. Anyone who is running a service business or a is a solo-preneur will find it especially valuable - creatives, coaches, consultants, designers, healers... This is designed for you.

We'll cover:

●  How to build a business from your strengths - because this will make you more successful

●  Why people buy what you're selling and why are will buy from you

●  How to do the 'five minute money check-in' (do this before you make important decisions!)

●  How to create income before the course is over

●  Why knowing your revenue model will help you know how to grow your business

●  Measuring success an easy way to monitor the numbers you need to pay attention to

●  How to take one step at a time to achieve your ambitions (hint: I tell my clients I can get rid of 80% of the things on their to-do list and this technique will help you do that too)

●  Identify and know how you are going to achieve your money goal (with downloadable spreadsheet)

●  Where to begin delegating even if you think you can't afford it yet

●  Three very simple questions that will help you stay on track when the course is over

Practical actions

And the best part is that this course isn't just about learning. It's about practical actions. Every day you will take an action step that is relevant and specific to you and your profitable business ideas. This is what will take you from idea to income - this is what separates those who succeed from those who stay stuck - it's about the doing not just the learning... 

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