Fast Track To Microsoft Powerpoint

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Our Fast Track to PowerPoint series is so simple and easy to do, you'll quickly find yourself creating powerful looking presentations you can be proud of. In as little time as a couple of days or one weekend, you'll discover how enjoyable it is to master PowerPoint!

In fact, with the Fast Track to PowerPoint, you will...

  • Be able to create fantastic looking presentations - training, courses, slides for your video products and people will be impressed...
  • Discover how you can make LOADS of MONEY with simple, little known PowerPoint secrets - put these secrets to work for you within just a few hours...
  • Find out how to keep your presentations from putting your audience to sleep - whether you present live or record your presentation for thousands to view later, these tips could make you an indemand presenter...
  • Learn how PowerPoint can advance your career - knowing how to effectively create a presentation can be the determining factor on your next promotion, don't miss your chance!

If you're looking to learn PowerPoint online, then you'll be glad to know that our entire course is available immediately here at udemy.

PowerPoint Lessons

This course isn't just a course on PowerPoint.  In teaching PowerPoint, the creator gives you much more than a PowerPoint introduction.  You'll get PowerPoint tips that will help you present better.

These PowerPoint lessons are delivered in full video, with audio, in a hands-on style so you watch over the instructors shoulder seeing exactly how each task is done.

Each PowerPoint video is recorded in high-resolution with CD-quality audio in a professional studio, unlike other training courses you'll find online.

Go to lunch and learn PowerPoint at your own pace.  Or watch the entire course over the weekend.

Microsoft PowerPoint Course

Learning Microsoft PowerPoint will be one of the most exciting and rewarding accomplishments you'll experience.  With our course it's fun & fast.

Once you learn PPT, you could have countless opportunities for advancement as a trainer, product developer, in your current job, or a new, higher-paying job.

We stand behind our training and know that you'll absolutely LOVE to learn PowerPoint with our video course.

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Course Hours: 2.5