After Effects CS6: Introduction & New Features

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Get an overview of the power of After Effects CS6, the industry-standard video-compositing, motion-graphics-design and animation tool from After Effects giant Brian Maffitt. Review the After Effects workflow and see how it integrates with the Creative Suite, how it can be used in television and film to create special effects, how to composite scenes with blue/green screen keying, and complete creative tasks like drawing, 3D, and titles. Then this series will take a closer look the latest and greatest new features of After Effects CS6, including the Global Performance Cache, 3D Camera Tracker, Ray-traced 3D, Variable Mask Feathering, 3D Environment Maps, 3D Material options, Rolling Shutter Repair and more.


  1. Get an introduction to Ray-traced 3D with an in-depth look at extruded vector layers
  2. Discover the new Mask Feather tool and why it's so important
  3. Examine 3D bendable layers and their properties
  4. Transform a 2D layer into an Environment Layer and discover what an Environment Map is

What is After Effects? (97 min)

  1. Basic workflow and terminology
  2. Project and Flowchart Panels
  3. Composition and Layer Panels
  4. The Timeline
  5. The Preview Panel
  6. Enhanced performance
  7. New and updated effects
  8. Working in 3D
  9. Optimizing for high performance
  10. Global Performance Cache
  11. 3D Camera Tracker
  12. Introduction to Ray-traced 3D
  13. Ray-traced 3D, extruded text, and shapes
  14. Variable Mask Feathering, Part 1
  15. Variable Mask Feathering, Part 2
  16. 3D Bendable Footage and Composition Layers
  17. 3D Environment Map
  18. 3D New Material options
  19. Fast draft preview renderer
  20. Fast previews
  21. Layer Bounding Boxes and Selection Indicators
  22. Vector Footage Art-to-Shape conversion with ILCS6
  23. Rolling Shutter Repair
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Course Hours: 1.5