Access® 2010: Essentials

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Not too long ago, databases were on mainframes and only skilled personnel were allowed to work with them. For most, that meant a lot of frustration both trying to communicate what was needed and then waiting to actually get it. Today, databases have come to the desktop so anyone with basic computing skills can organize, manage and retrieve their data. Doing so well and efficiently does require a basic understanding of what a relational database is and how to properly design and use one. In this series, we'll investigate those essentials skills for Microsoft Access 2010. We'll build a database from the ground up! We'll learn the basics of design and then get right to work making tables, queries, forms and reports. When we're done, you'll not only be able to enter data and open reports in Access you'll be able to design and structure it so it meets the needs of both you and your data, right from your desktop!


  1. Learn database planning & design
  2. Create quality tables
  3. Discover and harness the power of queries
  4. Create functional forms & reports

Chapter 1: GETTING TO KNOW ACCESS 2010 (67 min)

  1. Relational Database Overview
  2. Access Components
  3. Planning a Database
  4. Creating Our Database Plan
  5. Naming Conventions
  6. Creating a Database File

Chapter 2: CREATING ACCESS TABLES (90 min)

  1. Leveraging Application Parts
  2. Building a Table in Design View & Data Types Explained
  3. Applying Field Properties
  4. Relationship Concepts
  5. Establishing Relationships
  6. Creating Lookup Fields
  7. Entering Table Records
  8. Using the Ribbon to Edit Records
  9. Managing Subdatasheets


  1. Creating a Basic Query
  2. Filtering with Criteria
  3. Working with Expressions
  4. Working with Totals
  5. Concatenating Text
  6. Changing Joins in Queries
  7. Creating a Price List Query
  8. Creating a Class Schedule Query Using Expression Builder
  9. Creating Action Queries
  10. Creating Special Select Queries with Wizards


  1. Creating Forms Automatically & with the Forms Wizard
  2. Creating Reports with the Report Wizard
  3. The Design of Forms & Reports
  4. Working with Data in Forms
  5. Filtering & Sorting Records in Forms
  6. Customizing Report Controls & Page Setup
  7. Credits


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Course Hours: 5.75