AutoCAD Essentials 3: Editing and Organizing Drawings

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Properly managing a drawing is essential to being productive in AutoCAD. In this course, author Jeff Bartels concentrates on the Autodesk AutoCAD tools and features dedicated to organizing and editing geometry. The course covers making selections, creating and adjusting layers, identifying objects with hatch patterns, and scaling, exploding, and joining elements. It also includes lessons on creating fillets and chamfers, copying existing objects into rectangular or circular patterns, and accessing specialized tools that make measurements and calculations a lot easier.

Topics include:

  • Adding and removing from selections
  • Stretching elements
  • Creating mirrored copies
  • Leveraging grips
  • Editing hatch patterns
  • Using layers to organize a drawing
  • Changing layer states
  • Understanding the BYLAYER property
  • Taking measurements
  • Automating calculations with the Quick Calculator
  • Constructing a multi-view part
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Course Hours: 2h 10
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