Ruby on Rails for Beginners

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Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rail Tutorial for beginners is your complete video guided tour of modern Rails web development! Top Rails expert and author Michael Hartl walks you through the entire Rails development process: installing and setting up Rails, designing Rails applications with MVC and REST, building dynamic pages, coding effectively in Ruby, implementing registration and authentication, adding social features, even testing and deployment. Just watch and learn with this video tutorial. You’ll find expert insight, modern best practices, and step-by-step instructions for solving real-world problems.

Content and Goals

  • Over 75 lectures and 19.5 hours of content!
  • Watch top Rails developer Michael Hartl guide you through the process of building a complete Rails 3 web application using today's best practices for MVC and REST design, layout, Ruby coding, security, testing, deployment, and more;
  • Master core Rails concepts, including the Model View Controller design pattern;
  • Learn how to master key Rails techniques, including REST, security, data modeling, messaging and more;
  • Also covers RSS, search, caching, social features, performance, testing, refactoring, and real-world deployment.
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Course Hours: 19.5