Geoscientists, Except Hydrologists and Geographers

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The typical level of education that most workers need to enter this occupation is a bachelor's degree.

Occupation Code: 19-2042.00
Study the composition, structure, and other physical aspects of the Earth. May use geological, physics, and mathematics knowledge in exploration for oil, gas, minerals, or underground water; or in waste disposal, land reclamation, or other environmental problems. May study the Earth's internal composition, atmospheres, oceans, and its magnetic, electrical, and gravitational forces. Includes mineralogists, crystallographers, paleontologists, stratigraphers, geodesists, and seismologists.

Salary and Employment Data for Geoscientists, Except Hydrologists and Geographers

State of Maine
Average Annual Pay: $61,750
Total Employment: 110
Projected Employment 2020: 130